Starigrad Paklenica Beach – Where Mountain Touches the Sea

starigrad paklenica beach

Starigrad-Paklenica, a small village on the southern edge of Velebit mountain, offers its guests everything they need. Warm and clear Adriatic sea, ancient history and Roman culture on which Starigrad was built and an active vacation in the mountains for people who are into hiking or climbing.

But, there is one thing every guest will simply love – beaches. Starigrad Paklenica beach is more than a mile long sand and pebble delight which every family will simply adore.

  1. It’s big and not crowded, so you won’t have problems finding a good spot even in the middle of summer
  2. It’s beautiful – clear blue sea with mountain Velebit right behind you
  3. It’s safe – you won’t have problems looking after you kids because there are no big obstacles on the beach
  4. It’s just a couple minute walk from Argyruntum Apartments
  5. There are many bars and shops near so you can grab a refreshment whenever you want

Starigrad Paklenica beach – legend of king Pasoglav

One of the most famous places in Starigrad is the old fortification called Večka Tower, situated a couple of meters from the sea, on the Kulina beach. Just ask any locals and they’ll point you to that place. There is even a legend going around about this old ruin, which can be a pretty epic place for sunbathing, swimming and taking photos for your Facebook profiles.

So, the legend says there was once a king named Pasoglav who had a human’s body and a dog’s head. He lived in Večka Tower and every once in a while he would demand someone to bring him a young guy who would shave him. Each time he was shaved by a different young man who the king then had killed so as to protect his secret. But, the rumour spread and one mother didn’t want his son to be killed so he gave him a loaf of bread made of her breast milk to offer to Pasoglav. The king ate it all! It was so delicious, and through the mother’s milk it made the young boy king’s brother. The king decided to let the boy go, but ordered him not to tell anyone the secret. Young boy promised he wouldn’t tell it to any living creature, but after a while, he simply couldn’t keep it to himself. Because of his promise, he decided not to trust this secret to anyone but the Earth.

He dug a hole in the ground, bent over, and whispered: ‘Darkest earth, our king has a dog’s head’. An elder tree grew from the ground instantly and a shepherd passing by made a flute from its wood. When he played his flute, instead of a tune, all that could be heard were the words: ‘Our king has a dog’s head!’ The secret spread like wildfire across the kingdom and the king was left to live unshaven and isolated until his death while young men from the kingdom were liberated from the fear of dying in the king’s tower.

So, there you have it – legends and pure untouched beauty. Who wouldn’t spend their vacation here?

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