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Mountain Biking on Velebit Has a Lot to Offer

mountain biking velebit

Mountains have haunted folk imagination from the earliest times. Their remoteness, sheer scale and craggy silhouette etched against the sky invite feelings of reverence. The inhuman magnitude prompts us to consider ourselves from a different point of view. This shift in perspective leads to mystic qualities being ascribed to mountains and peaks. Some of the […]

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Paklenica Hiking – Walking Your Troubles Off

paklenica hiking

Some people are made for greatness, some are made to be soldiers, some lawyers or politicians, even car salesmen or saleswomen, but each and every one of us is quite literally made for walking. Ever since our ancestors stood upright, a long sequence of adaptations has made man dependant on his ability to travel long […]

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A Bird’s Eye View of Paklenica Climbing

paklenica climbing

Thinking of taking your first vertical steps? Simply looking to add to an already impressive list of climbing conquests? In either case, you should definitely consider the Paklenica climbing possibilities. Calling it the Mecca of mountaineering would be an exagerration, but it is a modern climbing destination that has made its name known at home […]

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Is It Spring Already? – Starigrad Paklenica Weather

starigrad paklenica weather

The Starigrad Paklenica weather is typical of the Mediterranean climate with fair weather from springtime to fall, barring the occasional squall. Winters are milder than continental ones, with temperatures above zero. However, wind and inclement weather make life in winter harder for a seafaring population. But what is typical weather on the Croatian coast like? […]

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One Day Excursions From Starigrad-Paklenica

Excursions Starigrad-Paklenica

We recently wrote about the things you can do when you visit Starigrad-Paklenica, and of all we mentioned a couple of places like Paklenica national park or Zrce beach. This blog will be all about these places and we hope everyone will find something that’s up to their taste. One day excursions from Starigrad-Paklenica So, […]

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Argyruntum and Starigrad – Tale of a Town and a Half


Starigrad-Paklenica is a small town of just over one thousand inhabitants in northern Dalmatia. Sharing the common fate of small agricultural settlements in the twentieth century, it was faced with emigration as its people sought their fortune in large urban centers home and abroad. However, the road networks constructed in recent decades have reversed this […]

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Starigrad Paklenica Beach – Where Mountain Touches the Sea

starigrad paklenica beach

Starigrad-Paklenica, a small village on the southern edge of Velebit mountain, offers its guests everything they need. Warm and clear Adriatic sea, ancient history and Roman culture on which Starigrad was built and an active vacation in the mountains for people who are into hiking or climbing. But, there is one thing every guest will […]

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An Invitation To Adventure In the Paklenica National Park

paklenica national park

The Velebit mountain is part of the Dinaric mountain range running alongside the Adriatic. An observer from the coast can easily notice its barren appearance, rugged terrain and sparse, withered vegetation. This makes the comparatively lush nature of Paklenica national park all the more remarkable. Nestled between the mountain and the sea on Velebit’s southern […]

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Top 10 Things When You Visit Starigrad-Paklenica


Some people like spending their vacations relaxing by the sea, swimming and sunbathing. Others prefer more action so they go mountain biking or hiking if there is a mountain nearby. And yet, there is a third group – ones that just want to experience something new and beautiful. Like a national park, maybe. Great thing […]

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